Journal Palagruža 2021

We are still updating the website.

We will subsequently publish the call sign to be used in the IOTA contest.

We are currently still waiting for this license.



In the RSGB IOTA contest (24 and 25July 2021) we will use a special call sign

9 A 2 1 A
(more in the RSGB IOTA contest tab)


During the contest we will issue a free diploma in jpg format

(more in the RSGB IOTA contest tab)

We will be active also on 2m.

August, 3rd, 2021

We had to shorten the activity by 2 days due to bad weather conditions. A strong south wind was blowing and we had to wait for the wind to calm down.
We had similar problems with the wind later, during the IOTA timing and returning home. We also had problems with the power supply we had on the lighthouse.

We didn’t have an internet connection at the location because there was no network.

In the IOTA contest we worked in the multi / one, high power category and made 2205 QSOs. The competition committee has not yet reviewed the logs.

In total we made about 4900 QSOs.

Diplomas and QSL cards are still in preparation and will come out of print no later than September 2021, when we start shipping.

Thanks again to everyone for the QSO.

Stay safe and stay healthy!